Redakt supports .NET 6

February 4th, 2022
Microsoft .NET 6 logo on purple background
Microsoft has recently shipped .NET 6, the new iteration of its next-gen software development platform. Redakt CMS assemblies are currently targeting .NET 5 for backward compatibility. We have however tested the latest version of Redakt against .NET 6 extensively, and it is fully compatible with .NET 6. You can therefore safely use Redakt in a new project targeting .NET 6.

We are expecting to release a Redakt version specifically targeting .NET 6 later this year. With .NET 5 nearing the end of support from Microsoft, we will also likely drop .NET 5 support when .NET 6 is in mainstream use. As .NET 6 is a Long-term Support (LTS) version, this will be the main target for Redakt assemblies for the next few years. For future .NET versions (i.e. .NET 7) we will introduce multi-targeting Redakt packages.

As always, you can get the Redakt CMS packages from NuGet.

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