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What is Redakt?

At its core, Redakt is a Web Content Management System (CMS). It allows authors, editors, marketers, and other non-tech savvy users to create and maintain website content and media. But that’s just a part of what Redakt has to offer. Redakt is packed with unique features that set it apart from other enterprise-grade content management systems you might be familiar with. Keep on reading to see the different ways in which Redakt can benefit your business.

Redakt Content Editing on 3 different Apple Devices
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For End-user Organizations

As an end-user organization, what do you look for the most in a content management system? The first things that come to mind are blazing-fast website performance that satisfies both visitors and search engines, and a user-friendly back-office application that makes content management more effective and content managers more productive.

To have you covered on all fronts, Redakt also offers extensive enterprise content management features, a future-proof system, and the possibility to digitize your own business processes.

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For Digital Agencies & System Integrators

As a digital agency, we understand that you want to create business value for your clients at a competitive price. That’s exactly what Redakt can help you with.

Redakt's modern architecture allows for highly productive application development, while our rich feature set and unlimited extensibility enable you to meet your client's every demand. With lower than average hosting costs, hassle-free setup and deployment, and great support from our team you are sure to get a head start on the competition.

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For Software Developers

For software developers, It’s no secret that working with legacy systems can be overwhelming. Since Redakt is at the forefront of software technology, you as a developer don’t have to worry.

Future-proof Microsoft ASP.NET Core technology, clear APIs and architecture patterns, code-first content models, hassle-free setup & deployments, and comprehensive documentation are just some of the things that are at your disposal. We're dedicated to letting Redakt work for you, instead of you having to find workarounds for Redakt as you would with other CMSs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Redakt is designed to be used by any organization that is looking for a user-friendly way to manage their websites, from small businesses to large enterprises. Every type of organization benefits from the powerful features Redakt has to offer, such as blazing website speeds, user-friendly content management, extensive customization options, many enterprise features, and much more.

No, Redakt is not a SaaS product. You download Redakt software packages and create a web application with them, which you can then host on the platform of your choice, either on premises or in the cloud.

Yes, Redakt offers a fully functional free Community Edition for a single user and website, perfect for small or personal projects. Our Premium Edition pricing is very competitive as well.

In order to implement a web platform using Redakt, you require software development capabilities on the Microsoft technology stack. This can either be a development or IT department within your own organization, or a digital agency / technology partner that handles this for you.

Yes, you can try our live demo to get a feel for the Redakt user experience. Additionally, we're always happy to give you a personal demonstration and discuss any questions and requirements you may have. You can also download the free Community Edition and start experimenting with Redakt yourself.

A Redakt web application can be hosted on any platform that supports Microsoft .NET 5 deployments. This includes Windows, Linux, and macOS, both on-premises or on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud, on a single server or fully load-balanced. Container solutions such as Docker are also supported.

Yes, you can choose from several built-in document data store options, including Cosmos DB, MongoDB, RavenDB, DynamoDB, or LiteDB. Additionally, you can implement your own data store connector quite easily.

Redakt is built using .NET 6, the new software development framework from Microsoft. The back office application uses Microsoft Blazor. The rest of Redakt's architecture uses only industry-standard technologies and concepts.

No, Redakt is not open source. We support the open source community, however for an enterprise product like Redakt we believe that a paid software licensing model is more sustainable for the continued development and support of our product and our ability to quickly adapt to market and technological changes in the future. However, we do offer a free Community Edition license.

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Let one of our consultants give you a personal tour of the product and show you how Redakt can benefit your business.

Redakt Content Editing on 3 different Apple Devices