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Redakt is a future-proof, enterprise-grade Web Content Management System. Built on Microsoft ASP.NET Core, focused on performance, extensibility, and ease of use.

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Why choose Redakt?

Redakt is future-proof, scalable, fully customizable, and easy to implement. It allows you to experience fast performing websites, a distraction-free back office interface, top security, and cross-platform hosting. Let Redakt simplify your workflow and content management processes from the get-go. Enjoy top of the line technology today and tomorrow. Find out what Redakt can do for you.

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End-user Organizations

Enterprise features and blazing-fast web performance with a beautiful & intuitive back office user interface.

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Digital Agencies

Create business value for your clients at a competitive price, while improving your own productivity.

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Software Developers

Work with cutting-edge technology and an open system that allows you to customize everything you want.

Future-proof Technology

Redakt CMS runs on the new, future-proof Microsoft .NET 6 (previously .NET Core) software development framework. Host your Redakt website anywhere — cross-platform on Windows, Linux, or macOS, both on-premises or in the cloud. Choose the database of your preference, including Cosmos DB, Mongo DB, Dynamo DB, or Raven DB. Hassle-free deployment with industry-standard DevOps processes, including containerization support. With Redakt you can build scalable and high-performing web applications, with best-in-class page response times.

Digital Transformation

For many organizations, the use of their Content Management System and its back-office application is part of the marketing department's daily routine. It only makes sense to incorporate other business processes into the same system as well. With Redakt, you can create and develop custom applications, such as a reservation system, product catalog, or sales dashboard. Use Redakt's building blocks to incorporate your own business processes into your web platform. Kick-start your Digital Transformation with Redakt.

Latest news & updates

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.NET 6/7 multi-targeting with Redakt v1.3.1

Redakt version 1.3.1 has now been released, multi-targeting .NET 6 and .NET 7.

Laptop on a wooden desk with a screenshot of Redakt version 1.3 content editing experience

Productivity improvements for Redakt v1.3

Redakt version 1.3 has now been released. Check out the many overall improvements and updates.

Redakt content management on MacBook

Redakt version 1.2.2 released

Redakt version 1.2.2 has now been released. This is a minor change & bugfix release.

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